RCM-4000 - Orion Remote Control Module

The RCM-4000 Remote Control Module is a new addition to the ORION.

The RCM enables the ORION to be placed in a fixed position and the operator to be stationed up to 20 meters away and possibly out of site of the ORION in a safe location. Operation using the remote control module is identical to normal ORION operating procedures. No additional training needed!

This ORION accessory is a direct result of requests from our clients, and many units have already been sold for anti-terrorism applications. The RCM-4000 has many practical uses. Most of these uses involve the pre-screening of packages, suspicious items, luggage, or people for electronics.

Using this approach, the presence of electronic circuitry may be evaluated prior to using other detection equipment such as X-ray. Furthermore, this electronic evaluation may be conducted without moving or touching the suspicious item. Some examples are:

  • Positioning the ORION over a suspicious package using a Tri-pod.
  • Placing the ORION on a robot vehicle with the operator located away from any potential hazard to examine suspicious packages.
  • Positioning the ORION over a conveyer belt carrying postal packages, and providing long term monitoring from a centralized location.
  • Covert situations in which the technician must be out of sight. Placing the ORION in a chair, desk, or conference room table.


The RCM-4000 provides power for the ORION and itself through the use of a standard 7.2V NiCd ORION Battery or an External DC input from 9-24 Volts. When connected to an external power source the RCM is capable of providing a maintenance charge to the Battery on the RCM. Full charging should be done with the Quick Charger provided in the ORION Case.

Also available is an optional, heavy-duty, professional tripod (TRI-4000). This useful tool mounts the ORION in a fixed position. A custom mounting bracket for ORION is included with this optional accessory.

A Hakuba soft carrying case is included when ordering the TRI-4000.

RCM-4000 Advantages

 Complete kit with the ORION and optional NLJD Tool Kit shown in the Left Case.

  1. Optional* Tripod and the supplied ORION Mount Bracket with Softcase shown in middle.
  2. On the right is the Remote Control Module, 20 m ( 65 ft ) Cable, and External Power Supply.


When using the Remote Control Module, both the ORION and Remote keypads are always active. In other words, either keypad will automatically control the ORION operation. However, there is a "Dual Display" mode and a "Single Display" mode which control whether a single display or both displays are active. When "Dual Display" mode is selected both the ORION and Remote displays, are always on.

When the "Single Display" mode is selected, the display associated with the keypad being used is active and the other display is muted.

On a muted display, only a small flashing diamond indicates that the system is active. "Single display" mode conserves battery power, and some users may desire to blank the ORION display for security reasons.


  • Remote Dimensions: 106mm x 190mm (4.2 x 7.75 in.)
  • Power Source: Std. ORION Battery or 9-24 external DC @ 1.5A
  • Cable Length: 20 Meters (65 ft) - Industrial Data Cable
  • Audio Output: 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Standard ORION Keypad & Display

Please be aware of the following:

  • Previously purchased ORIONs will need to be sent to REI for upgrade in order to utilize this new accessory. This upgrade is designated ORI-4000 ORION Upgrade and must be purchased direct from the REI headquarters.
  • The ORION Remote Control RCM-4000 can only be used with ORIONs designated as remote capable.
  • Do not extend the cable length over 20 meters.
  • Do not use "off-the-shelf" serial type extension cables, as these do not have the current carrying capacity required.
  • REI suggests the use of the AC adapter as the primary power supply. Battery life will be reduced compared to normal ORION operation without the remote. The Remote may be powered by a properly polarized power supply with an output rating of 9 to 25 VDC at 1.5 amp, center pin positive barrel connector.
  • External DC voltages greater than 25VDC will cause damage to the remote control and/or the ORION.
  • Application of voltages over 7.8VDC to the battery contacts or reversed polarity will cause damage.
  • The AC adapter will provide a maintenance charge to the battery installed on the remote, but for full charge, always place the battery in the REI standard ORION NiCAD battery charger.

Specifications may be subject to change.