OPC-5000 - PC Interface Option

 The OSCOR PC Interface software provides the opportunity for your computer to communicate directly with the OSCOR to store signal database information from the OSCOR in your PC. This allows for later retrieval and to upload a signal database that was previously created by an OSCOR.

Using the PC as a permanent storage device for OSCOR information allows for records of previous sweeps from various locations to be created, manipulated, and compared.

After an accurate signal database is established for a specific environment, it may be used as a reference database and will save significant time in performing future sweeps. Furthermore, the OPC software provides the ability to program and utilize the OSCOR in new methods above and beyond the original hardware design of the OSCOR.The OPC Software actually consists of two programs: (1) OSCOR Communications Interface and (2) OSCOR database Utilities Program.


  • Provides the ability to upload, download, and permanently store a signal database from the OSCOR.
  • New in ver. 4. Now supports multiple database files opened simultaneously.
  • Provides the ability to program the OSCOR for automatic operation using computer interface.

  • Provides the ability to remotely control the OSCOR via modem over standard telephone lines. (The OSCOR can be located in remote facilities and simply polled to download signal information to determine if any new signals have been brought into the environment.)

  • Real-time RF Spectrum Display provides complete control of OSCOR. Whether compact or full size format, the display shows the actual information that is on the OSCOR screen. No matter where the OSCOR may be physically located, this console allows for familiar operation, using modems to interface the OSCOR and a PC.

  • Comparison of a stored "friendly" RF spectrum with real-time spectrum to see a rapid indication of a new threat signal. This allows for faster sweeps and more accurate results from a room search. The OPC-5000 can also store RF spectrum of many different environments for future use.

  • The Advanced DSP Correlation provides increased reliability for automatically identifying eavesdropping devices. This provides correlation on near silent rooms. An example of a near silent room is one that has only air conditioning noise, typewriter, or sounds from outside traffic. The preferred method is to create white noise using the NGA-5000.

  • The audio level screen provides a graphic representation of the actual audio being sampled and correlated. The Audio Frequency Spectrum graph represents the audio frequency spectrum of the sampled audio. The Correlation Result graph represents the correlation results on "1" through "5" scale. The Advanced DSP Correlation also provides information on threat range.
  • Advanced DSP Triangulation and Ranging. The NGA-5000 is used for both correlation and locating the treat using triangulation. To use the triangulation system, the NGA-5000 is used to find three range measurement positions. After each measurement is made, the triangulation screen displays the location of the bug.

Version 4.0

Research Electronics International announces that with the release of the OSCOR version 4.0 program key, it has also released version 4.0 of its OPC-5000 software. This package of software permits access to many new features both directly on OSCOR and remotely through a PC computer (Windows 9x, 2000). This new software provides a capability that has not been previously realized in the counter-surveillance industry.

Features added by New Version 4.0

  • The ability to view multiple database files simultaneously. New cut and paste operations allow signals to be copied between files. Multiple signals or spans can be selected then edited, copied or deleted in one step.
  • An alternate, compact layout of the console. This, in addition to saving screen space, allows the user to copy the console graphic (using Alt+Print Screen) into report documents.
  • Easier selection of Inputs, Bandwidth and Demodulators.
  • More color choices for the console display Remote squelch control and speaker mute.
  • MDC-2100 Microwave Down Converter support.
  • Display and configuration of more OSCOR functions.

OPC-5000 Advantages

 OSCOR Database Utilities:
Provides signal classification using international frequency band allocations. Provides the ability to generate customized signal classification databases. Provides the ability to generate Signal reports and Frequency spectrum graphs. Provides the ability to generate comparison plots of signal database information.

  • The OPC-5000 software interface allows for uploads, downloads, and permanent storage of signal database information that is received from the OSCOR.
  • The OPC-5000 software has the ability to program the OSCOR for automatic operation.
  • With the OPC-5000 software, signal labeling using International Frequency Bands expands the OSCOR's capabilities.
  • Customized reports and frequency spectrum graphs can be created using the OPC-5000 Interface software.
  • Signal database comparison reports and charts can be created from stored databases and new OSCOR readouts.

Installation of PC to OSCOR interface.

All OSCOR's previously manufactured can accept this new capability using the serial communication port in the connector tray. The only addition to all previously sold OSCOR units will be a new program key.


Recommended PC System:

  • Pentium Computer
  • 16 Meg of RAM
  • Windows 95
  • Estimated at least 13 Meg of Hard Drive
  • For remote communications, the modems should be purchased by REI to ensure that the OS can interface directly with the modem