ODP-5000 - Deluxe Package Upgrade

ODP-5000 OSCOR Deluxe Package upgrades the standard OSCOR with a varity of options to aid in the physical and electronic search for eavesdropping devices. With the Deluxe Package the operator can view video, record audio, check phone wiring, locate and triangulate on a source, and much more.


OTL-5000 OSCOR Triangulate and Locate: This option utilizes a patented ranging process (REI maintains exclusive patent rights to Glenn Whidden's patent # 4,399,556) to triangulate on the location of an eavesdropping device. Does not require return to REI for installation.

OVM-5000 OSCOR Video Option (Multiple formats): Allows the OSCOR to provide viewing of video signals. Used for detection of covert surveillance cameras. Supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM. Includes a video demodulator circuit board that must be installed in the OSCOR main unit and two video monitors that fit inside the OSCOR storage Compartment. Includes OVP-5000.

OVP-5000 OSCOR Video Patch Cord: Patch cord that allows received video signals to be fed directly into an alternate video monitor or a video recorder. Video output is provided in a standard RCA plug.

OAR-5000 OSCOR Audio Recorder and Cables: Audio micro-cassette recorder that connects directly into the connector tray to use the OSCOR audio recorder functions.

OEM-5000 OSCOR Extra Memory (512K): Increases the OSCOR signal storage capability from 7,168 signals to 28,672.

LPE-5000 Locator Probe Extension Cable: BNC cable that is identical to the locator probe cable. Comes with barrel connector and provides extension for the Locator Probe.

MIC-5000 Miniature Microphone: Used with the standard OSCOR cables to provide a remote microphone input.

MPC-5000 OSCOR Multiple Purpose Cable: 12' Cable with 3.5mm male and 3.5mm female connectors. Used to extend Loop Antenna range, OSCOR Telephone Coupler and options MIC-5000.

MPA-700 Modular Phone Adapter: Provides easy access to telephone conductors for testing. Universal connector works for 2,4,6 & 8 conductor telephone systems.

CLA-700 Cigarette Lighter Adapter: Provides DC input to power the OSCOR from an automobile cigarette lighter.