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OSCOR Green file downloads
 OSCOR_Green_Brochure.pdf 1.09 MB OSCOR Green Brochure
OSCOR_Green_Manual.pdf 5.79 MB OSCOR Green Manual 22.96 MB OSCOR Green Update 201203271200. Latest software version
TALAN [ Telephone and Line Analyzer ] file downloads
 DVSetup1_0.exe 1.11 MB TALAN Data Viewer Installer - version 1.0
TALAN_Manual.pdf 3.54 MB TALAN Manual
TALAN Software Release.pdf 1.05 MB TALAN Software Release v2.01 pdf with installation instructions and download link.
TALAN_VoIP_Product_Bulletin.pdf 146 kB TALAN with VoIP Product Bulletin
TALAN Brochure.pdf 851 kB TALAN Brochure
TALAN_Manual_Spanish.pdf 3.62 MB TALAN Manual Spanish
ORION Non-Linear Junction Evaluator NLJD file downloads
 NLJDTech.pdf 29 kB NLJD Technology Whitepaper
ORIONQuickRef151.pdf 16 kB Orion quick reference guide
HG_ORION_BROCHURE.pdf 717 kB High Gain ORION Brochure
ORION.pdf 521 kB ORION color brochure
ORION Spanish Manual.pdf 368 kB ORION Manual Spanish
ORION_Manual.pdf 532 kB ORION Manual
ORION_Prison.pdf 504 kB ORION used to find cell phones in prisons.
ORION_Folleto_en_Espanol.pdf 663 kB ORION Folleto en Español
Countersurveillance Probe/Monitor file downloads
 CPM-700_Folleto_Espanol.pdf 220 kB CPM-700 Deluxe Folleto
CPM_700_Deluxe.pdf 500 kB CPM-700 color brochure
CPM Manual-web.pdf 567 kB CPM-700 Manual
Oscor 5000E file downloads
  OSCORmanual40.pdf 2.58 MB Reference - Oscor 5000 - version 4.# Owners Manual
OSCOR_Folleto_en_Espanol.pdf 850 kB OSCOR Folleto en Español
OSCOR_Brochure.pdf 777 kB OSCOR color brochure
Trace_Analysis_Primer.pdf 817 kB Advanced Trace Analysis and RF Mapping White Paper
OSCOR_5_Manual.pdf 4.49 MB OSCOR 5000E Manual
Countermeasures Amplifier file downloads
 CMA100.pdf 540 kB CMA-100 color brochure
CMAManual.pdf 235 kB CMA Owners Manual / Operational Instructions
Video Pole Camera file downloads
 VPC-VPX-Manual.pdf 2.35 MB VPC/VPX-64 Video Pole Camera Manual
VPC-VPX.pdf 633 kB VPC/VPX-64 Video Pole Camera Brochure
Acoustic Noise Generator 2200 file downloads
 ANG-2200_brochure.pdf 2.03 MB ANG-2200 Color Brochure
ang-2200.pdf 1.51 MB ANG-2200 owners manual
ASA-2000.msi 300 kB ASA-2000 Software 30 day trial
Noise_Primer.pdf 1.11 MB Noise Masking Primer - Technical Paper
Portable Noise Generator file downloads PRODUCT DISCONTINUED
 PNG200.pdf 180 kB PNG-200 color brochure
OPC 5.0 PC Interface file downloads
 OPC_5_Manual.pdf 10.20 MB OPC 5.0 Users Manual and Quick Start Exercise
OPC_5_Setup.exe   Version 5.05 upgrade is now available!
If you have a version older than 5.05.00 you are urged to obtain a new copy.
OSCOR PC Interface Option ver4.0 file downloads PRODUCT DISCONTINUED
 OPCManual40.pdf 998 kB OPC Owner's Manual
comdlg32.exe 81 kB microsoft common dialogue control 10.39 MB OPC version 4.0027 Full install. If you are using a version earlier than 4.0026, you must use this full install to upgrade your OPC Communications software. If downloading is inconvenient, you may request the upgrade on CD from REI. Contact REI for information and eligibilty requirements to obtain the latest OSCOR program key, also version 4.0027.
Opc2k.exe 2.06 MB OPC Utilities update for office 2000 373 kB OPC version 4.0027 Upgrade from 4.0026 only. All other versions require full installation. This fixes an annoyance where the difference sources kept getting reset to Real and Friendly. OPC now remembers the user's selection. Includes other minor enhancements.
Microwave Down Converter file downloads PRODUCT DISCONTINUED
 MDC Manual 4_0.pdf 917 kB MDC_Manaul_4_0
MDC900_2100.pdf 155 kB MDC color brochure
Vibrating Tape Recorder/RF Detector file downloads PRODUCT DISCONTINUED
 trd-800.pdf 58 kB TRD-800 black and white pdf brochure
trd-manual.pdf 189 kB TRD-800 Owners Manual
CPM Broadband Microwave Probe file downloads
 BMP_Brochure.pdf 978 kB Broadband Microwave Probe BMP-1200