Hardy Nova Kit - BNK-1000

 Research Electronics International is proud to offer this interchangeable borescope kit. Each Product can be purchased individually for a specific use, or can be purchased as a kit to cover a wide array of situations. Hawkeye Precision Borescopes are fine optical instruments for seeing inside things, and are used in many applications including security and manufacturing inspections and utilized in many environments where direct viewing is impossible.


Hawkeye Precision Borescope Kits contain borescopes for 0 degree direction-of-view, 90 degree Mirror Tube, Mini-Maglite light source, two AA alkaline batteries, lockable metal case with key and a one year limited warranty.

Flexible Borescope - BFI-1000

 The Hawkeye Flexible Borescope fits into places with restricted access, can be flexed into places with tight access and has "memory" to retain its working set. The Hawkeye Flexible Borescope brings illumination from a powerful, portable Nova Light, through glass fibers to the subject. A clear, bright image is returned to the eyepiece through 18,000 optical glass fibers.

Luxxor Video Kit - BLV-1000

Magnify the power of your Hawkeye borescope with video. Inspect faster and more comfortably. Document your inspection. View images with others, to discuss or teach. Record for evidence. The Luxxor Video Kit has 450 lines horizontal resolution, and 10 lux sensitivity. The Kit comes with Luxxor L video camera, Karl Storz Video Adapter, Luxxor 24 Light, Luxxor Light Guide, SuperKit Carrying Case.

Also Available: Angled Eyepiece and Articulating Flexible Borescope